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To The Respectable Our Global Clients Over 6 Continents!

Thank you for your valued time & profound interest to visit our company website.

Since company establishment in 1990, as we a are proven full ranged automatic winder producer, we have been dedicated to develop variety types of such automatic winding solution as automatic sewing thread winder, automatic leno thread winder, soft winder, embroidery oriented winder, fish line winder for further improvement in productivity and reduction in product cost in our esteemed domestic clients as well as overseas clients too. To the end, we are ever doing our best efforts to meet client's expectation & satisfaction through realizing the best quality in our automatic thread winder.

Thus, you are kindly requested to in-depth refer to our company website and machine catalogue for your best selection in automatic winder. Meanwhile, in the case of not being met with your requirement, we would like to take immediate consideration of enhancement activities for fully reflecting on your constructive idea in every aspect.

We recommend you taking an opportunity to consider our proud brand named machine "ILSHIN AUTOMATIC WINDER" in pursuit for bringing revolution improvement in your product competitiveness as it is proving an industry pronoun of state-of-art winder through leading edge technology based on cumulated our own know-how for more than two decades. Thanks and best regards.